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Coronavirus update wall tie surveys now

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 25th March 2020

As of now we are still able to serve you with wall tie surveys now, damp and timber surveys and structural reports too.

Our attendance is dependent of the day-to-day situation and the specific conditions at your home, as well as our people’s.

Provided we are fit and healthy and you (or your household) have no known infection and no vulnerable people in attendance, we can and will do our best to help you. Social distancing is crucial and MUST be maintained. We take action to protect you during the survey, wearing gloves,  mask, and applying 2m social distancing too. We cannot accept a cuppa though (which is a shame as I love tea).

Wall tie surveys in particular can be carried out without entering your home, so in most cases we can complete wall ties surveys now. Damp and timber surveys require us to enter the house so together, we must risk assess and decide on the safest and sensible action.

Our plans are to re-commence site work subject to similar controls to prevent infection and help the NHS.

Thank you for your patience. Please email the office or leave an answerphone message and we’ll call/email you back promptly. We have a skeleton staff in the office for short periods so please don’t worry if we do not call immediately – we do attend daily and will act as soon as able.

Stay safe and well. Together we will all get through this.

Bryan Hindle

Managing Director and owner – Brick-Tie limited