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100 clients in a row say “YES, we’d recommend Brick Tie”

The best way of finding out how happy, or otherwise our wall tie replacement and structural repair clients are, is to ask them. We do this after every wall tie job, every lateral restraint job too, so that we can carefully check the results and change our service if clients are unhappy with anything.

Office manager Katrina Jackson with our 100th customer feedback form.

This month the Brick Tie team are all delighted to receive our 100th customer feedback form back, since we started sending them out over a year ago. Of course we have completed well over 100 wall tie jobs but busy people sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down and fill a form in. They tend to do this for sure if they are unhappy, but if a customer is satisfied…. Well, they just forget to send them in.

Of course companies tend to talk-up themselves; that’s a given, but really, if any wall tie specialist wants to be successful over the long term, customers have to be listened to and their advice acted on.

In our business getting customer feedback is not easy, because most of the wall tie installations, crack stitching and structural work we do is what’s known as a ‘distress purchase’. This is because client’s don’t win the lottery and decide to ‘spend spend spend’…… on some new wall ties… no chance!

Usually, the fact they need this work doing is frankly, a pain and an uncalled for expense, so you can’t blame clients if they just want to get the job paid for and forget about it; that’s what our guarantees and insurance backing allows them to do.

That’s why we donate a cash sum to MacMillan Cancer care, for every completed feedback form we receive; it helps persuade our busy clients to take the time to complete the customer feedback form and send it in – usually with a cheque for payment.

These days many clients pay over the phone or via a bank transfer so we can’t get a completed form back from everyone – yet.

However, of the 100 we have received so far we’ve learned some valuable lessons, which we’ve taken on board to improve every aspect of our service and we are very grateful for the feedback we’ve received – thank you.

Our Bible – The Esteem ‘Success Through Service’ Toolkit.

Now for the good bit:

Every one of the 100 forms so far received have answered yes to the following three very important questions:

  • Would you use our services again?
  • Would you recommend us to a friend?
  • Overall are you satisfied with the service you have received?

These three are the holy grail of customer service, because by meeting customer expectations, we continue to benefit from customer recommendations and referrals, which sustain our jobs for the future. The charity pot for MacMillan now stands at £250.00 – a great cause and money well spent too, for the benefit of our business, as well as our clients.

If you are a client thinking about using our service why not call in to our office for a cuppa and a brows through our customer feedback forms before you make up your mind? We have designed the forms to comply with the Data Protection Act, so you can read the actual forms, without seeing any personal details of the authors.


Office manager Katrina Jackson with our 100th customer feedback form. Our Bible - The Esteem 'Success Through Service' Toolkit