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Wall Ties – disaster avoided

Incorrectly installed wall ties bought from the internet

Oh no – that’s not right – should the remedial wall ties be bent like that?

Whilst most of the houses and commercial buildings we carry out wall tie work on are quite old – that’s not always the case.

Cavity wall tie installation on new buildings is much less rare than most would think.

Defects can include:

1. Wall ties omitted during building
2. poor embedment of wall ties in one or other of the skins of masonry
3. The wrong type of wall tie for the job
4. Wall ties installed sloping down to the internal skin.

There are other reasons too, but the above are very common. We were called in this past month
due to wall ties being ‘forgotten’ by the bricklaying sub-contractor.

The missing wall ties were only noticed when the walls were opened up to check – that’s when we were first called.
However, we are busy and it took a week to arrange to attend on site.

By then, the bricklaying team had decided to buy themselves some remedial cavity wall ties from an internet site….
….. and install them, themselves.

The image above shows the results, with the new helical stainless steel wall ties buckled against the wall
and not tying a thing. Worse still, this was not noticed by them, so they were able to claim –
“We’ve installed new ones – job done”.

Fortunately and accidentally the problem was caught again and we were asked to attend on site anyway
and produce a repair specification.

There was nothing wrong with the chosen wall tie system but crucially the bricklayers had no training
in remedial wall tie installation and none of the specialist equipment needed to install and test the
installation afterward.

Now the building has a full Helifix retrotie installation installed and tested. It’s also guaranteed by us for 20 years
and the wall tie guarantee is insured by the Guarantee Protection Insurance scheme too.

The men who installed the successful system all have City & Guilds NVQ level 2 in Wall Tie Replacement
– that is how the work is done correcty – not by a leaflet sent out with a box of wall ties from some warehouse…
…..stocking everything from wall ties to central heating…

Our advice is:

Wall tie work is not for a general builder. It requires a trained specialist; a member of the Wall Tie Installers Federation or The Property Care Association.

Ask for a detailed priced specification
Always insist on random tension tests.
Workers must have NVQ level 2 in wall tie replacement.

Guarantees are all required too, but experience shows that where work is hidden from view it tends to be given less care on site, this is a sad and proven trend in the building trade. It is why our wall tie technicians are well trained and directly employed so that they are fully able and engaged in delivering a sound and proper job.

We’ve been doing just that for over 25 years. Call us for help and real wall tie replacement expertise in Leeds and across Yorkshire.

Incorrectly installed remedial wall ties needed to be replaced properly by Brick Ties staff

Incorrectly installed helical wall ties were replaced by Brick Ties qualified  wall tie specialists