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Wall Tie Specialists gain Investors in People award again

Brick Tie Managing Diredtor Bryan Hindle with another Investors In People certificate

How many Wall Tie Specialists are IIP accredited – only one!

Brick-Tie were first accredited for Investors In People in 2007 and are like all IIP companies, subject to review every three years. In January we were reviewed by an independent consultant and we are all delighted to be awarded IIP status for another three years.

The IIP status is only awarded after a stringent inspection, taking into account ten different areas of the business management which must be passed to gain the overall award. The scheme recognises efforts companies make to really appreciate and nurture their employees; involving them in their day to day running and harnessing employee power and energy to drive success.

Managing Director Bryan Hindle is delighted and has supported the IIP initiative since 2007 “The thing about all wall tie specialists, is that much of the crucial work is hidden from view, in walls, cavities and under floors; there’s scope for corner cutting by those who don’t care or feel uncared for – we need dedicated, diligent and enthusiastic staff if we are to maintain standards and really, that cannot be bought or received on demand. It can only be developed with support and the voluntary efforts of the whole team. This is what IIP is all about”.

The proof really is in the pudding and Brick-Tie have not only remained the foremost wall tie specialists in the UK, but have cemented that position with constant improvement over the past six years of IIP accreditation. Bryan puts this at the heart of success and general manager Katrina Jackson agrees….

“Gaining Investors in people accreditation was the first task Bryan gave me when I joined Brick-Tie over seven years ago. I hadn’t really thought about IIP, but once I began researching it and developing the plan for entry I really bought in and realised the benefits, both to the business and all the team”

A big part of the IIP review is making sure that employees are part of the team and feel engaged, consulted and listened to by management. This is a proven way of ensuring that all employees and owners of any business are working together, towards an agreed direction and goal.

In our case our goal is to be the wall tie specialists and structural repair company the best clients want to do business with and the company the best people want to work with. This year we will be recruiting more skilled staff and trainees too and we know that our IIP accreditation underpins our aim, to capture the very best talent who can best look after our clients and the business

Brick-Tie are the only wall tie specialist who are Investors In People and members of the Property Care Association and Wall Tie Installers Federation – call for the very best advice and fast and efficient service for wall tie reports, surveys or wall tie replacement.

Investors In People Accreditation

Here Bryan Hindle shows off Brick-Tie Investors In People award. Katrina Jackson with another well deserved IIP award for the Brick Tie team