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Wall Tie Corrosion in Focus for Yorkshire Surveyors

Technical knowledge of wall tie corrosion and structural defects in buildings was lifted in the Yorkshire area last Wednesday, when we held our latest CPD (Continuing professional development), event in Leeds.

Around forty chartered surveyors, structural engineers and Architects were invited to a presentation by Brick-Tie MD Bryan Hindle.

The session was designed to help professionals get the latest information, bringing them up to date on the way the wall tie replacement problem has evolved over the last couple of decades.

Bryan outlined how the number and types of structures suffering from wall tie corrosion and wall tie defects has grown and changed. Reasons for this include the aging nature of the housing stock, which was built with inadequately galvanised wall ties and the onset of wall tie corrosion problems in those houses constructed in the building boom of the late sixties and through the seventies.

In particular, using slides from real surveys and images of wall ties taken through his boroscope, Bryan demonstrated that the structural nature of the issue has been underestimated and recent downgrading of the problem by lenders, has contributed to the problem becoming an unseen but growing threat. Images were shown of wall collapses which have occurred, as a result of wall tie corrosion in recent years.

The wall tie section of the CPD session also highlighted the modern phenomenon of wall tie failure arising through defective workmanship on site, rather than inadequate galvanising. Poor wall tie embedment, missing wall ties, incorrect wall tie specification and bad practises were highlighted with slides which drew gasps from some of the assembled surveyors; such were the seriousness of the wall tie failings.

We are passionate about site quality control and this was highlighted with further slides showing how this can be achieved and why it is a must on any remedial wall tie installation. The shocking results of failures to test wall ties randomly on site were shown, once more accompanied by intakes of breath from those watching.

Structural repairs were also covered, including the Cintec grouted anchor system, with video footage from site, showing how these remarkable anchors can secure even the most unstable and weak walls, such as rubble filled, random stone and historic structures. Our work on ecclesiastical properties and barn conversions allowed plenty of scope to demonstrate what can be achieved with Cintec Ties and anchors.

Case studies from Brick-Tie’s own sites around the country were used to show building defects on modern buildings, like missing or poorly installed expansion joints, poorly detailed and installed Kneelers to gables, inadequately fixed copings and a plethora of other problems too – many of which had led to collapses and severe cracking.

Remedial strategies were outlined for all of the problems including the Helifix range of stress free masonry repair systems and of course, Helifix wall tie systems. Non-traditional construction was also covered, with site guidance on remedial wall tie work to timber frame housing explained in detail.

The feedback from the CPD event was a resounding ‘thumbs-up’ from the delegates, who left knowing more than ever about wall ties corrosion, Cintec and Helifix repairs and, the growing incidence of building failures arising from the recent building boom.

Our thanks go to all those who attended.

The wall tie corrosion specialist team for Yorkshire Bryan Hindle talks wall tie replacement and structural repairs at the march CPD event in Leeds Time to talk about Cintec anchors and then on to Helifix too.... Real cases studies were the core of the talk, with the defects explored and the remedial solutions explained.