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Structural repair specialists save The Windmill, Colton

Derelict windmill saved by structural repair specialists Brick-Tie of Leeds

There’s nothing sadder than seeing a historic landmark falling into disrepair with no one quite knowing what to do about it.

Such was the case with The Windmill at Colton in east Leeds. An eyesore for decades,it has now been completely restored and converted into a uniquely individual dwelling. All that was needed was structural repair specialists, Brick-Tie Limited.

Preserving original fabric

The main problem was the poor condition of the building as the proposed design called for steel supports and new openings cutting in the fabric. Difficult with the walls in poor condition – cracked and weakened by years of neglect, the roof open to the elements and with even the pigeons living there muttering about finding somewhere more upmarket.

Installation of Thor Helical bars in non-shrink cementitious Flexi-grout substantially strengthened the loose walls, whilst preserving the original historic fabric.

Landmark worthy of name.

Due to the poor condition of the structure much of the work was painstakingly done using hand tools. Installing the Helibeams in the correct position – in concentric bands – ensured that as the walls were modified the structure coped well, absorbing the new load paths, with no additional cracking at all. Not many structural repair specialists have the experience and expertise to specify and complete this work. However, the clients structural engineers had worked with us before and knew we were the best structural repair specialists for the job.

We also installed and tested resin bonded stainless steel fixings to support the new upper floors and the Cintec anchor system.

An eyesore no more, The Windmill is again a landmark worthy of the name and its justifiably proud owner is enjoying a property conversion of real character and originality!

A challange for any structural repair specialists

Cracked and bowing walls were fixed by Brick-Tie The Helibeams are invisible and essential - installed by Brick-Tie A structural repair specialists dream job - done on time by Brick-Tie