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Safe structural repairs means safe working at height

IPAF training for safe structural repairs

Successful structural repairs are safe structural repairs

Last Friday Craig Tarbotton and Ryan Shann (two of our wall tie replacement and structural repair technicians), attended a full day safety course, having attended a pre-course induction session a week before that.

Our structural repair and wall tie work takes us to many types of building of all heights; houses, listed buildings, hi-rise tower blocks and commercial offices. Scaffolding is usually required, but that is not always possible or desirable.

Increasingly our technicians need to use ‘scissor lifts’ ‘cherry pickers’ or ‘booms’ to reach hard to get to locations. This brings it’s own hazards and risks – to them, others on site and to the public.

Safe structural repairs starts with identifying these hazards and risks in advance, then eliminating or controlling them.

This type of access equipment comes under the generic term of MEWP’s; Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. They are complicated, expensive and sometimes daunting bits of kit. Whilst all boys love their toys, these can bite hard and lives have been lost where MEWP’s have been used incorrectly on sites.

Safe structural repairs means being correctly trained to choose the right MEWP and to use it safely; diligence and care is essential.

We turned to the International Powered Access Federation for help. ‘IPAF’ are world leaders in all types of MEWP’s – after all, their members manufacture them and export all over the planet. IPAF have devised a training course which is recognised world wide so that customers, principal contractors, building managers and others can be assured that IPAF certificated staff really do know how to operate the equipment safely.

Craig and Ryan now hold IPAF certification for working safely from mobile elevated work platforms, which means that safe structural repairs means just that, even when working at height, in hard to access areas. This also applies to our wall tie installations, masonry repair and lime pointing and grouting work too of course.

The training helps keep us and our clients safer, which is the main point. However, it also makes financial sense, as in future we will no longer need to hire-in trained staff to operate MEWP’s for us on site, so that will save us and our clients money. Training and staff development is central to our management ethic and this is another milestone in building a sustainable business for our employees’ future.

Well done to Craig and Ryan!

Ryan Shann takes the controls

Wall tie installer Ryan Shann takes control of this MEWP