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Raising the roof with Cintec anchors in Halifax

Cintec anchors used to hold up Halifax roof

Raising the roof with Cintec anchors in Halifax

Halifax is well known for many things, not least the famous building society, now a bank that bears its name. It’s also developing a fast growing reputation as a magnet for shopaholics, with a number of shopping centres establishing themselves including the 18th century Piece Hall now renovated and with over 40 speciality shops.


Throughout the town, retail household names and small businesses mix together to give the visitor a “unique shopping experience”.
A recent initiative to place a high tech glazed roof over the West Gate shopping street brought our Cintec Anchors team to Halifax, via structural engineers The Thomason Partnership. And what an interesting challenge it was!

Phil Hawdon of architects Hawdon Russell takes up the story:-
”As well as keeping shoppers dry, we wanted to retain the independent feel of West Gate; an intimate shopping experience without the restrictions of a totally enclosed mall…

The particular problem facing us was that the roof is 100m long and 11m wide. Not in itself a problem, but all the shops are different in terms of ages and styles so we had to find a way of joining the steelwork with a connection solution that accommodated a whole range of building types”.


Brick-Tie MD Bryan Hindle says the problem at the £2M award winning project was overcome using the Cintec anchors system. The 16mm diameter stainless steel Cintec anchors needed to be precisely placed to allow the complex roof structure to be fitted with ease:-

”Our technicians used templates to ensure that the pilot holes and anchors were in exactly the right positions.
The Cintec grouted system was uniquely suitable for fixing in the variety of shop fronts, ranging from 225mm to 600mm thick and including rubble filled stone, cavity brick, solid brick and random stone base materials. On site testing exceeded 5KN tension”.
Vacuum assisted dust free drilling also ensured the well being of the shoppers below.

A good roof but how is it fixed? With Cintec anchors

Cintec anchors for Halifax roof by Brick-Tie