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Helifix Factory Visit

In his role as one of the UK’s leading Helifix Approved Installers our MD sees visits the Helifix production line and sees why Helifix masonry repair systems are way ahead when it comes to quality.

Last week our MD Bryan Hindle left Leeds for the day as a guest at Helifix’s state of the art production facility in North Wales.

Helifix general manager John Hesletine set up the visit because Brick-Tie are a leading user of Helifix’s repair systems, having used the products for over 20 years. The range of remedial wall ties, lateral restraints and masonry reinforcement Helifix produce is the widest and there is a fixing or product for almost every application imaginable.

As a Helifix approved installer, we’ve used the system to tie every type of building from Churches to hi-rise blocks and domestic houses to retaining walls and bridges.

Helifix’s James Plaskitt took Bryan for a walk around the factory, which was a great opportunity to witness the products coming off the production line. Bryan was impressed “I’ve always had great respect for Helifix as a company and my expectation were high, but in fact they were exceeded – great attention to detail, efficient and of course great designs; Helifix are a valued professional partner to work with and we are proud to be Helifix approved Installers”

Helifix tension test their entire helical bar, ties and reinforcement as it comes from the production line, so we and our clients can be assured that when it is installed correctly, by our trained technicians, it will always perform as designed.

This year Brick-Tie has installed more Helifix remedial wall ties and restraint systems than ever before and we’re looking forward to breaking that record year on year; establishing our position as one of the fastest and best established Helifix approved installers in the UK.

Bryan took along two of Brick-Tie’s remedial wall tie technicians; Stuart Latimer and Craig Tarbotton, who together with John, Bryan and James, spent an hour or so with the Helifix design team; talking about product refinement, site ergonomics and future products.

All in all this was a fun day, with the addition of some great ideas for improvement and expansion; for the benefit of Helifix and Brick Tie.

Bryan Hindle and James Plaskitt on the Helifix cavity wall tie and lateral restraint production line