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Good Helifix Approved Contractors attend refresher courses

This week we spent two days on a refresher course in Oxen, Northants with Helifix UK.

The course covered the specification and use of Helifix’s wide range of masonry repair systems. Existing Helifix methods and new and refined systems were talked through, with the aid of actual site case studies from successful building repairs, where Helifix was specified.

We’ve been Helifix approved for over 20 years and have found Helifix’s desire for constant improvement both a challenge and an inspiration.

Helifix boss Fred Paterson was on hand, to take delegates through Helibeam masonry strengthening. RetroTie, Dryfix and CemTie wall tie use and the BowTie lateral restraint system. The course emphasised the correct methodology for identifying defects in buildings properly, before reaching for a specialist intervention.

This approach mirrors our own, especially when dealing with period and listed properties. The last thing clients and old buildings need is a ‘sales rep’ approach, where someone just looks at a bulging or cracked wall and reaches for a ‘stock’ solution. The internet is sadly full of these ‘easy fixes’ – fixes often offered with no credible engineering skill to back up the claims made.

This is why Helifix approved contractors are expected to refresh their knowledge regularly. This keeps standards high and improves them where possible. Hence our development manager Sean Tristram-Jones CSRT CSSW was keen to attend the Helifix Engineers course this time round.

Helifix rely on Brick-Tie to specify their products appropriately and professionally. This is why they try so hard to back their Helifix Approved contractors, with valuable additional training like this. Together we offer all clients guaranteed solutions with full insurance on design and application. A professional and robust approach to masonry repair and stabilisation is our goal.

The combination of our experience and expertise, with down to earth practicality, combines well with Helifix’s engineered repair solutions.

Brick-Tie and Helifix – together we provide guaranteed, cost effective wall tie and building repairs.

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