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Cintec ties for HM Prison Leeds by Brick-Tie

Cintec stitching anchors and wall ties for Leeds Prison installed by Brick Tie

Craig and Ryan with a selection of Cintec stitching ties for use on Leeds Prison (no images in the jail for security reasons).

Ryan, Craig and the Cintec wall tie team have finished the prestigious structural wall tying work at HM Prison Leeds. The essential structural ties were needed to strengthen the walls of the Victorian jail, which dominates the central Leeds’ skyline.

Brick-Tie are The North’s best known cavity wall tie specialist firm, but not many people know just how specialised and skilled our technicians are.

The work in Leeds required upgrading of our diamond drilling equipment, with a Nimbus 3.5Kw rig joining our fleet for the job. Hundreds of meters of 52mm diameter diamond drilled holes were needed for the Cintec structural ties. These ranged from 700mm to 4000mm long and cost over £20,000 before they were even installed!

The Cintec ties were pre-tensioned in-situ using our specially calibrated rig and bespoke load spreading bridge – pulling at 25Kn – that’s two and a half tonnes per tie!


Our entire team had to be security vetted in depth, so we could work on this Department of Justice job – good reassurance for our clients; the team have blemish free records, important for working in domestic houses or public buildings, such as schools.

The Cintec grouted anchor system is an advanced method, even suitable for rubble filled stone walls and we’ve used it very many times on listed buildings. Not all the work we do is as prestigeous as this one, but the team are the same on all our jobs, applying our careful testing and quality monitoring on every contract; public and domestic wall tie installations get the same attention whether in Yorkshire, Lancashire or Derbyshire or anywhere else.

For details of the Cintec system for use in historic, listed or rubble filled masonry call 0800 591541 free of charge.

two of our wall tie specialists show off the Cintec tie range