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Cintec Anchor system for Halifax Mill

Drawing of the Cintec anchor system used in Halifax

We have just been awarded a substantial Cintec anchor repair contract on a converted mill in Halifax. The work involves installation of over 60 of Cintec’s grouted masonry stitching anchors. The average length of these ties is 2800mm.

Each is being installed in 52mm diameter pilot holes diamond core drilled using our own vibration free Nimbus 3.5Kw rig.

The ties are designed to restrain the large external walls, which are subject to increased lateral and shear loading, following modification of the mill as part of development by Mansell Construction. The Cintec grouted anchor is uniquely suited to strengthening softer substrates, offering guaranteed bond and encapsulation of the anchor via Cintec’s clever woven sock and the outstanding high performance of their Prestec grout.

Our thanks go the Phil Jenkinson of PAJ design solutions for engineering input on this contract

With over 20 years experience of Cintec anchor supply and installation, we are delighted to have assisted Mansell’s on this project, which involved engineering analysis by our engineer and of course a great deal of skill on the part of our tie technicians.

As part of Balfore Beatty, Mansell Construction have a very strict policy on Health & Safety matters, which were paramount and met by our office and site team.

The new Cintec anchors securing the original rubble filled walls back to the mass concrete behind.

details of the Cintec anchor system installed in Halifax by Brick Tie

How the Cintec Anchor system saved the retaining wall from collapse