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Brick-Tie limited wall tie over 100 houses for Leeds City Council

Some of the 100 houses Brick-tie installed wall ties in on this Leeds City Council contract

“Brick-Tie? Everything’s spot on, they know what they’re doing”
Jonathan Mayoh, Project Manager BAAS Construction Ltd.

BAAS Construction Ltd is a respected and growing company, established over 25 years. They have an ethos of bringing benefits to local communities through housing renewal programmes, repairs, facelifts and environmental schemes.

Working in partnership with Leeds City Council – amongst many Councils the company works with – BAAS was commissioned to renovate several hundred council properties in Allerton Bywater, near Castleford, 118 of which required wall tying.

Site managers happy.

Brick-Tie teams spent much of last summer on the estate; receiving a number of spontaneous calls from tenants praising both our work and attitude.

Jonathan Mayoh of BAAS commented: – “All I can say about Brick-Tie is that I never hear anything about them when they’re on site. And, if I don’t hear anything then I’m happy, because it means my site managers are happy! Brick-Tie don’t give us problems. Everything’s spot on, they know what they’re doing – and the courtesy of their site teams is notable”

A few of the 100 + houses with new wall ties installed

A few of the 100 + houses with new wall ties installed Over 1500 remedial wall ties were installed in these 100 Leeds council houses